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Here follows spoilers for Torchwood Season 4: The Roswell Years. You've been warned.

1. Ianto is coming back! Word along the grape vine is that Ianto Jones will return in the fourth season but not as we've ever seen him before. Gareth David-Lloyd is not set to reprise his role of the erstwhile tea-boy, but his name will indeed live on in the body of another character. Details have not yet been released, but speculation has been made that Kai Owen will be taking on the role of Ianto Jones following a complicated brain transplant procedure to take place in the first episode after his character, Rhys Williams, is abducted by aliens.

2. Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori are set to reprise their rolls as Doctor Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato in a flashback episode that explains how Jack Harkness bedded every single member of his team. John Barrowman has said how much he's looking forward to working with Gorman and Mori again.

3. Kai Owen has now confirmed that Gwen and Rhys' baby has a name. Russell T. Davies has agreed to name Gwen and Rhys' baby Duncan Cooper-Williams.

4. Robert Downy Jnr and Jude Law are reported to be appearing in the second episode. Downey Jnr is set to play a mysterious detective that tries to unravel the mystery behind Torchwood, accompanied by his friend and colleague (Law) who is also said to be reprising his role later on in the season as the team's new Doctor.

5. Torchwood are set to investigate the Roswell crash in the fourth season. With Torchwood now stretching out across the ocean, Davies has said that he hopes to explore the existence of aliens in America as well as in Cardiff. Robbie Williams is said to be playing a UFO enthusiast that calls Torchwood in when a suspected UFO crashes in Area 51 for the second time.

6. It is yet to be confirmed, but whispers backstage say that Torchwood are to take to Broadway. No, an all musical episode is not in the works, but sources say that Torchwood America are to be based in an old disused Broadway Theatre allowing John Barrowman free reign to burst into song both on and off camera. As well as the change of venue, it appears that Captain Jack is finally trading in his retro military attire for something more modern. The costume department have let slip that Barrowman will be trading his RAF blues for a more modern green combat, fresh from the Middle East.

7. Other casting rumours that have been heard in the undergrowth are Robert Pattinson who is set to play a new love interest for Captain Jack Harkness, Russell Brand who plays a gaming geek that is discovered by Torchwood after hacking into the pentagon and Sir Ian McKellan as the proprietor of the building in which Torchwood America are located.

A/N: Just in case some of you believe they took gullible out of the dictionary. This is all complete fabrication. None of these rumours, that I'm aware of, are true. (Although if they are my awesome psychic powers strike again!) I'm sorry, but with the announcement of the 4th Season (and some encouragement from [info]_stolendreams_) I couldn't help myself. I hope it made some of you smile at least! Also if you guys want to come up with your own nuts rumours then by all means... comment spam me!!
Tags: cracktastic, fandom, fandom: torchwood
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