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"I might have been a poet, who walked upon the moon."

I need help from my lovely flist. I already know a few of your are signing up for the 2nd round at tardis_bigbang and some crazy part of my brain has also decided that this is a good idea, mainly because I don't really have a lot of creative writing on my course at the moment and I thought this would fill my writing criteria for the next few weeks.

Now here's my issue... I don't know what to write about. I have a couple of ideas which I'll share below and if you like them then let me know, also if you have any ideas of your own that you think I'd like to write about then let me know... because eh... someone's run off with my plot bunnies. Either that or they never got on the plane back in Scotland... I mean I have vague ideas about scenes but I'm lacking in plot... as you're about to find out...

Idea no. 1

An alien crime lord of some sort (insert airy fairy plot details) wants the contents or at least something out of Torchwood's secure archives to sell on the black market. He has no way of getting into Torchwood though. Somehow he gets a hold of Ianto and Rhys and holds them hostage in exchange for whatever it is he wants leaving Jack and Gwen to try and figure out a way to get them back. (working title - Damsels In Distress)

Idea no. 2

I'm not sure how well this one will be received. Jack, Ianto and Gwen are out on a mission (which I will think of later - feel free to suggest) and civilians get caught up in it. Two of them are a couple, the male dies, leaving the female behind for Torchwood to deal with. Ianto gets injured in the process of the mission and the woman turns out to be a doctor and struggles past her own grief to save Ianto's life. Blah blah blah. Jack offers her a job at Torchwood... This is where the fic can go two ways

1. She accepts. Blah blah blah (this is a case of fill in your own plot details because eh... I haven't thought of any yet) Eventually she decides Torchwood isn't for her, she wants to leave, but Jack won't let her, tells her no one leaves Torchwood except in a body bag. Ianto understands her reasons and lets her go either retconing her or leaving her memories intact, I haven't decided which yet...

2. She doesn't accept. She sees all the destruction that lies in the wake of Torchwood and doesn't want to be a part of that. Jack lets her walk away with her memories intact though, mainly because Ianto bullies him into it. (insert Lisa reminiscing moment)

I have a feeling this has the potential to turn into a Mary Sure which means I might shy away from the idea...

Anyway, what do you guys think?

EDIT: Also I caved and got a twitter... *sighs* Add me erin_giles
theatre - frankenstein

"Because I got high..."

I have just spent the last 3hrs giggling to myself about nothing in particular.

I am so freaking wasted (in both senses of the word) right now and I have to read a book for tomorrow.

I'm totally going to sit and watch Spaced and munch on Cheerios since that's the only thing we have in the room.


I am so totally blaming this on MC.
theatre - frankenstein

"Kicking off he cruise control and turning up the radio!"

Right, you lot all know how much of a dork I am already. But I think I've reached new dork levels.

I'm moving to America tomorrow + Rhys is coming with me + I'm a writer = rhys_bear

Yup, I'm going to keep a journal out there about what I get up to, but the writer in me decided to make it interesting so it's from Rhys' point of view. It's really just an excuse to lug him round places with me... so expect lots of tales of what we get up to, pictures, possibly videos. Some of you will probably get postcards from Rhys at some point - he likes to write! ;)

Anyway, I shall leave you all with my dorkishness and bid you all farewell from this side of Atlantic. I may be confused when I get there (4 different time zones in one day) so I don't know when I'll next be online.

*huggles you all*
theatre - frankenstein

"All that it takes is some time but I'm shattered..."

Because I am also a sheep...


Also I went to see Joesph last night at the Clyde Audiotorium. See those Nancy's - they get bloody everywhere! Tara Reid was playing the Narrator in Joesph and she still annoys me. I couldn't make out half of her words and she was overly showy. Like she thought she was the center of everything & the star of the show. Sorry if I'm being a bit judgemental but I'm in pain and tired. No more skiing for me. Although it was a good show. I would recommend going to see it. :)
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World Aids Day - Respect and Protect

Apparently it's -4 outside at the moment, which would explain why I'm snuggled up in my duvet while sat at my desk... the cars are all frosty too. I'm supposed to be writing my Keats essay but I thought I'd put this up seen as it's now the first of December.

I know a lot of you will be thinking that December 1st is a sign that the count down to Christmas has started but it's also World Aids Day today. Some of you will know why this day means a lot to me, some of you won't - I just want to say a few things about it though...

The number of people living with HIV is continuing to rise in every part of the world - including in the UK. There are now 33 million people living with HIV worldwide and 80,000 people living with HIV in the UK.

HIV prejudice is often the result of ignorance about how HIV is passed on and unfounded fear of becoming infected. Encouraging those around us to talk about HIV and find out the facts can help overcome this.

This years World Aids Theme is Respect and Protect. If you can wear a red ribbon to show your support and take some time to browse through the facts about HIV on the website - you never know you might learn something new that'll change how you think of those living with HIV.

Support World AIDS Day

Also I posted this video last year as well but it's been updated. I still think it's effective.

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"Honey, Honey, how you thrill me..."

First of all, drumroll please? I have written smut for the first time ever! SHOCK! HORROR! And cs_whitewolf is entirely to blame for it. *points finger of blame* Also John Barrowman may have had something to do with it aswell...

It's Jack/Ianto smut, here if you want to read my attempt. *phew* Now that's over...

Stolen from mrs_cj_harkness

1. Pick 15 of your favorite tv shows.
2. Go to Wiki Quotes, and find a quote from each show.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the show
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions.

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"Ain't nothing is this world for free!"

I was supposed to be doing some reading for my seminars for next week today but um... me being me I got distracted.

This is what I did instead. Bear in mind they do actually look better on the sketchpad.

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I'm seriously considering lugging my laptop on the train with me and just drawing the whole way to Northampton but then knowing me I'll not be in a creative mood that day or something. But it does mean that whoever the surprise guests are I can draw them when I've got a spare minute over the weekend!! Hmmm... dilemma.